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A few years back, we took our Chevy Mini Van to Pep Boys in Boardman Ohio for some work and the technician drove it completely off the lift and through a diagnostic machine and then into the cement wall behind it. He ran from the scene, big surprise, not.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, we decided to take my 81 year old dad's Chevy Cavalier there this week to repair a broken brake line. We were also warned by our local AAA tow driver not to go there. They replaced the initial line but blew out a 2nd line during the repair. We approved the repair for the 2nd line.

Upon vehicle pick up, my husband went with me to check the work before paying. We were charged for 2 new complete brake lines and installation but discovered the 2nd line was cut in the middle and a pressure fitting was installed, leaving the old line in place. And the car was leaking brake fluid all over their parking lot on top of it. He took a handful of the fluid inside with him and asked for the bill.

It was in excess of 300.00. So my husband proceed to show the manager his hands full of the fluid and asked the car to be placed back up on the lift so he could look at their work. We priced the parts at an Advanced Auto Parts planning to do the work ourselves originally & they were less than 20.00 in total. After much arguing and many excuses the manager agreed to have the 2nd line installed the way it should have been and greatly discount the price.

After having the car 3 days, we finally were able to pick up the car and paid $140.00 in the end. Too bad we cant send them an invoice for the inconvenience and over charges. They were obviously busted using pressure fittings and sending the car back to the customer with a faulty and an incorrectly installed braking system. Im grateful to have discovered the problem before sending the car home to my dad.

Happily ever after? No. But happy to never return to Pep Boys again.

(not even for the warranty) Lesson learned! Thanks 4 reading and as always....Buyer Beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Diagnostics.

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oh yeah, by the way, incase i forgot to mention, i was the original complaint regarding these brakes on this forum and a couple of weeks ago the brake lines fell out from under the car and are dragging on the ground. As it turns out they were fastened to the car with zip ties which obviously did not hold up.

I suppose we are supposed to crawl under the car to fix your work or maybe my 82 year old father should be doing it? I realize our family trusted the service and mechanical abilities of this establishment and gave them the benefit of the doubt but as you can see, not only are they harrassing but the quailty of their work has spoken for itself. Rather than depend on them to obligate the warranty provided, we will be taking the vehicle to a reputable service department with BBB credentials and have the additional repairs made. No thanks to Boardman Ohio Pep Boys who now have created an additional inconvenience.

Go ahead Pep Boys and blame it on the condition of the car, the consumer or the weather as we anticipate. We are looking forward to more of your excuses. Once again, BUYER BEWARE. It is true, you get what you pay for.

Pay a little more and do your research ahead of time and save yourselves while you can. Sincerely, concerned about consumers


I see you havent given up defending your employers. Your not too smart since folks who are satisfied with their service have no need to visit a pissed consumer site which is designated for complaints in the first place, unless they are in need of defending the company for personal reasons.

Maybe you had the day off and had nothing better to do with your time thinking that the complaint has been dropped. Or maybe your car wouldnt start due to the cold and you called off work (if that's what you call what you all do there). Why not have someone at your workplace help you use their 'supposed' superior mechanical skills to give you a hand fixing it? Or maybe you know better like the rest of us who have been ripped off.

Do yourselves a favor and take the company up on furthering your education if they offer in order to help improve your spelling and grammer and personality skills so when the economy and the company finally go under or reopen under another name, you will be able to find work elsewhere. Good luck with that, you need it.


A+++ for pep boys


A+++ for pep boys


A+++ for pep boys


A +


The grade stays the same in my book.........................F. Based on your lies and rewriting my posts by impersonating me and my Pissed Consumer Complaint and falsely representing yourself as a customer is more proof that you are all failures treading water looking for any way to save yourselves and your sorry reputation.

If you are up for the challenge, which you obviously are, Id be happy to take this to the next level with you and my attorneys. They have been made aware of our situation regarding your harassment and are thoroughly combing the posts for your repeated patterns of abuse.

Ill be looking forward to more of your false representations in order to build my case. Your turn......Thanks.


A+ never had a problem with these


:grin while look at all these people that love pepboys . give me an A+ if u love pepboys!


gee did mentioning your Boardman store cause you distress? makin up as you go i see.

great YSU references tho. i can do this all night with you.

dont you have to work in the morning? must be your day off or you sleep on the job and thats why service sucks so bad.


I am a student at ysu and want to thanx pep boys for taking car of my 2002 ford focus . they keep it runng strong so I can keep gettihg my education


100 people surveyed, top 10 answers on the board...this room smells like a (________)


what's up guys. just wanted to stop by and thank the guys at pepboys.

I am a student at ysu and don't know what I would do with them they always took the best care of my 2001 chevy blazer they keep its running strong for me so I can back and forth to school. great jobs guys


100 people surveyed, top 10 answers on the board...this room smells like a (________)


Thanks for reinforcing the aggravation Pep Boys brings to one's every day life after paying them for *** services at over inflated prices. My lawyer will have a blast with you and your information.

Hope you are at least making enough money from them that allows you to ignore your morals. In this case, I got what I paid for, NOTHING!

Bunch o corporate suckasses are all you are! Hope you spend sleepless nights rewriting posts to cover your ***!


keep up the good work pepboys! sorry about these crazy people.

will always bring a cars to u , your by three tires get one free you can't beat it and u guys gave me another rebate for another fifty! love u guys!!!!!!!


there is an impostor on here who can't spell. all I am tryin to do is apologize for my mistake about my chevy cavalier but this impostor is tryin to turn it around! I really am sorry and will be back soon


wants again I am so sorry pep boys


it takes a lot to apologize anymore thanks for being truthful


Nice try. Pep Boys is busted and have the unhappy customers to prove it.

I stand behind my original post regarding the brakes on a chevy cavalier and the mishandled service and costs provided.

You are an IMPOSTER in their defense and have become one of their suckers. Good Luck with that.

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