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On 02 /28/ 2009-

· I was told by your Pep Boys behind the service counter management team, that I needed a new set of rear emergency brake shoes.

· I said OK, go ahead and replace them.

· Then I was told by them, that they do not carry e-brakes shoes for my car, but they could order them from one of their suppliers.

· I again said OK, go ahead.

· Then I was told, that it was tool late in the evening to order them from their supplier, but if I want to, I could buy the set on my own, and that they would install them the next time I was in.

· I said OK, I will.

· I bought a set at Advance Auto, for $95.00.

On 03/14/09-

· The new e-shoes were installed, at a cost to me of $45.00 for the labor.

· Every since your Pep Boys employees replaced those shoes, they have never "held" the car as they should have.

· After I left the store and got home, I tried the brakes, they did not hold the car.

· Then I went back, and I was told that the mechanic forgot to adjust the brakes, and they said that they would adjust them.

· However, after I left the store, they still didn't hold the car.

· I have gone back to that store repeatedly since 03/14/09 for additional adjustments.

· Every subsequent time since then, they have repeatedly told me that all I need is more adjustment, but after I left your store, I still noticed no substantial improvement.

Lost Documentation-

Many of these adjustments are documented, but even many more were not documented by your Company.

At the time, I thought it was just incompetence by you management team, and I didn't think that I needed to make a big thing out of it.

Your managers said they fixed it, I was happy, until… I left the parking lot.

Now in retrospect, I believe that your company purposely did not give me all the repair documentation every time I came in for adjustments, because you knew that I could then use that warranty documentation in my favor as proof of my repeated returns, if, I needed to.

On a many occasions, when I was in the store for other business, and I would ask for copies of past work receipts, I was given excuses, that the computer crashed, and all documentation was lost.

However, after some of those employees quit, I resubmitted my request to their replacements. For some reason, they could find the receipts that I was told did not exist.

Repeated return visits-

On average, for every brake adjustment I received, I had to make 3-4 trips to you store, before I received an appointment, especially when I told them why I was there.

Some of the excuses your company would give me to deny and delay warranty service to me are:

It's too late in the evening, come back earlier in the day.

When I would come back earlier in the day, I was told to come back on another day, because the mechanic didn't show up for work that day.

When I would come back on another day, I was told to come back on another day, that it was the beginning of the month any they were too busy, because of all the end of the month state inspections lined up.

When I would come back on another day (even when I would come in 15 min. before the store would open in the morning), I was still told that I had to wait, because they had cars on the rack that they hadn't finish from the night before.

On occasion, when I would come in for warranty service, I was told that the mechanic that did the work was not in, that they wanted him to look at the problem and no one else, and I was told to come back on another day when he was at work.

On another occasion, I was told that they wanted me to have my car look at, by their best mechanic this time. But to do that I would have to come in during the day (which they know I would have to *** work and loose a days pay), I agreed. But, the night before the appointment, at 9:00 PM, the assistant manager called me and cancelled my appointment, after I had already called off work.

When I would make an electronic appointment, upon arrival, the service manage still said that it didn't matter, its was first come fist served.

As I walk through the store waiting for the repairs to be completed, your store employees recognize me as a constant customer and say, here again !, I say yep, and I shake my head in disgust. And they say I don't blame you.

When I sit on the store sidewalk bench, or in the you waiting room, and tell other customers why I am there and of my experience with your service, they can't believe my patience and understanding with your company, and say that if it was them, they would have taken action in another way by now,

Denied and Delayed Warranty Service-

You management team, have repeatedly and consistently denied and delayed, warranty service, until now they say repairs are beyond the Pep Boys warranty date.

Start of Warranty Period-

My contention is, that the warranty did not even start, since the warranty does not start until after the work is successfully completed.

20 Months of patience-

After 20 months of repeatedly going back and back, and back and forth some more for warranty repairs, I no longer have the patience, time, or confidence in Pep Boy capability to repair my car, or the ability to satisfy me as a customer.


I want ALL my money back, plus 9% Interest, and paid for my travel time back and forth to you store, and my wait time, at the hourly rate you charge me for your service time.

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1. Laughing

I just recieved my money back, plus interest, plus a few hundreed dollars for my travel and wait time.


You must be a world class friggin pinhead

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