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Tried to get tires at Pep Boys 11/1/11, Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO. I even called ahead to verify tires were in stock, and could be mounted today.

I was assured the tires were in stock, and there would be no problem having them installed today. I arrived at the location 15 minutes later, at 10:40 am. I was told that it would take 1 1/2 to 2hrs. By 2:40pm not one person had looked at my vehicle.

I could see my tires piled up next to the bay. I finally retrieved my keys and left. I was told that other vehicles that had arrived after me were serviced ahead of me. Service Tech was honest, he said there was no excuse there for this.

I wonder, is it because I have Cancer? Because I'm a Veteran of the US Army? Because I wear a US Flag leather jacket? I doubt it's any those...I think they are just incompetent, from management, to the "technicians" working on the vehicles.

The one I saw working was incredibly slow. I timed this guy do 4 tires, and it took him 90 minutes. They weren't golden tires, they didn't have diamond plated studs inserted, they were in fact same as my tires, just different size, smaller in fact. The irony is, they are called "pep" boys.

They should be called "slow drying turd boys".

This was my first visit to Pep Boys, and I shall never return, and rest assured, I will smear their name every single chance I can. I may even have a bumper sticker made up.

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Not sure why you would even mention cancer, jacket or veteran status. Perhaps your victim attitude showed through and they don't like people who are "victimized" by every little thing?

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