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8/8/11. My husband told me not to go to Pep Boys, but I had to have my car towed to them because they were the only place open at 7:30pm, they closed at 9:00pm.

As soon as I approached the service desk, the Assistant Manager, gave me that look. That look I have seen before, being a Black person, it means you are not worth my time and I don't want to help or be bothered by you, but I needed help and stated my problem anyway. I needed to have my tire fixed, the lug nuts were striped. This guy told me he could not look at my car, and that all the bays were full, NOT TRUE and that I would have to leave my car until the next day.

I asked him how much would fixing my car cost, he never gave me an estimate. I pleaded with him to look at the tire once they dropped my car off. He reluctantly agreed, but said he still could not fix it. When my car came I told my brother in-law to speak to this man, because I knew he was not interested in helping me.

My brother-in-law got him to at least see the tire.

Now to make a long story short, I was helped by a young worker, who came out and knocked off the lug nuts. The time is now 8:20, we were trying to put air in the spare, but there was a leak from the stem. Of course, they refused to repair the stem, then my brother in-law asked if he could purchase a tire, and the answer was NO. After I asked for the General Manager, who was in, this seemed to get the Assistant's Managers attention.

Finally I was able to purchase a tire, but they would not put it on my car. The next day I filed a complaint with customer service. The General Manager called me and said the young man that knocked off my lug nuts, may lose his job, because he was not suppose leave the store, "company policy", or due any work if the car was not in a bay. Because a young black man, helped a black woman in trouble he may lose his job.

I could CRY.

What a country? What a Company?

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As an employee of another branch I can tell you that the District Managers of these stores are very meticulous about following protocol to the tee. We had someone lose their job because they did not torque the wheels in the proper order. So woking on a car outside of a bay,and even moreso for leaving a car unfinished, Im surprised he even said "may lose his job" rather than "will lose his job" because Id be on the street if I ever left in the middle of a job.


Like the other comments posted here, this race based complaint has little merit. I'm white but guess what, this junk happens to me all the time too.


wow this is too funny. y is everything based on race.

i work for this company and what they did was correct. everyone needs to stop talking about well i was black or even white.


Lol. You're a dumb ***.

All this *** about race is so funny. If they had time to sell you a tire or fix it, they would, since they work on commission. And the dumb employee who helped you with your lug nuts...he's retarded for wasting his time.

The General Manager is right, you're not supposed to work on cars out in the lot. It's a shop, not a back alley.

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