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I had dropped my car off for front end brake work(pads and new rotors) they quoted me $311 plus tax. When I went to pay they charged me 24.95 shop charge which they never mentioned.

They explained that all stores do it, never in my life did I ever see a charge like this from STS or Midias. What ever the quote was it what was charged,

In addition the service rep commeted that I need rear brakes and rotors ASAP the pad are down to the medal.

The next day I drop the car off at midias for a rear brake inspection, there remarks were the pad are at 60% used and the rotors were fine. So PEP BOYS was looking to charge me $189 for work I did not need

In short I would never go back to them, nor would I recommand them to anyone

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You are right on how they treat the women that come in. I had the same experience.

They gave me the impression that I didn't know the difference between a screw driver and a knife. I didn't like their attitude.

I also felt like I was getting ripped off. I won't go back there again.

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