Massapequa, New York

I went into Pep Boys one evening to have a battery installed. They quoted me $15.

After installation they handed me a bill for $50. When I questioned the price they said $29, twice the quoted price due to a "difficult installation". Under duress, I paid the bill to get the car back. I filed a complaint with corporate and went back to the store to talk with the store manager.

He sided with the Boys, saying they quoted me the fee for the additonal labor required for the "difficult inatallation". They did not! When I argued with him that they did not, he told me to "watch my mouth" and that he was going to "take me to court". Crazy, eh?

Only when I pointed out that they incorrectly installed the compartment cover, failing to secure the anchors and support bracket did they agree to refund me the $15 additional fee. I am extremely dissatisfied with Pep Boys and do not recommend them to anyone!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

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I am employed as a service advisor. I am paid $7.00 and hour plus bonus.

1% for selling as a parts counter man and 2% for my sales as an advisor. I make $23,000.00 a year. ( I sell over $8,000.00 a week minimum in service) You have to get the parts for your technicians. Answer phone calls from every ignorant customer that wants dealer only parts from a limited store.

NO WE DON'T SELL HONDA BRAKE PEDAL BUMPERS. Very rigid policies for a place that pays $40,000 less than a dealer. And they pressure you constantly to sell more. The people I work with are GREAT.

Management operates like HITLER. Do or Die. And they will fire your $20,000 a year *** if you don't comply. You NEVER have regular hours, just work every hour asked.

They are so detailed that they pick the fly *** from the pepper.....and they don't care about you. Even bragged they fired several 25 year employees in a recent meeting!

THAT boosted my confidence! PEP BOYS philosophy, F employees, cause the poor economy gives us the replacements!


Boo Hoo----------------->well said!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah. I know a guy who works there. They all smoke pot behind the 7-11 at Delco Plaza.


Same thing happened to me! Those guys talk out their ***!

I think they're on drugs!!! :(

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