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I was just at one of your stores in Roseville, Staten Island my 10309. All I needed was a headlight bulb for my car. The time was 3:58 and I was refused service. Their was cars still on lifts being worked on and your store hourswere until 4 pm. The person who told me to leave was PAUL I will never again step foot in that place or any other of your establishments. How dare I be told to leave when I wasn't even asking for service just a 26 dollar bulb. Apparently PAUL doesn't know how to treat customers.

angrily yours

Unsatisfied customer

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You're the *** that walked in 2 minutes before they close while they had other vehicles that they were working on at that time, if the bulb was so easy to do why not do it yourself?

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