Mchenry, Illinois

These people are the worst mechanics i have come across so far. My front signals keep blowing out so i had them look at it. They replaced the sockets and wires and sealed everything.

Five months later they both blow out again so i take it back and argue with them for an hour to get them to fix their lousy work. Everyone makes mistakes so when i first got there i was polite, but by 40 mins later i was grabbing my phone to call the police.

They agreed to re-fix it. I pick my car up and they try to charge me 80 bucks. I said i will see you in court which amazingly persuaded them to hand over the car.

Three months after this *** and BOOM, both are out again. I steam back in there and tell the manager that i will see him in court so he says they will comb the wires to find the issue, no charge.

When i get my car back the third time, i start it up and the battery is all over the place! I turn the heat on and it killed the freaking car. Are you kidding me?!?! How do you manage to screw up that badly! Then they refuse to work on my car, claiming that the fan has defective wiring and i need to have a dealer look at it.

I told them to refund my money for the signals and have my car towed there since they messed it up. Of course they won't back up their *** service and im still fighting with them.

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Call the police? are you *** insane!?

lol listnen up crazy person! first of all pepboys dos not work on anything related to electrical problems! that is why they require to take it to a dealer! stop your b/s and crying!

stop blaming your problems to someone else. You have a junk car! with a short somewhere you ***! pepboys have mechanics not electricians.

You would not exist, watch yourself very close , keep mouth shut, or else .. lol ok just watching off a scary movie, bottom line people try to put their problems on someone else!

what pepboys should have done in the first place reject the service and kick your *** out the door, but no they tried to help you out, but then you act like a bi*** about it.. it is not the bulbs *** its your wiring, stuff they do not DOOOO get it !!!


So, let me get this right. You had a problem with the lights blowing BEFORE you took it into the store.

They recommended new sockets and you still had the SAME problem, but insisted they redo the same work and you expected a different result?

It is pretty clear that the car has some sort of electrical problem, maybe it is in the fan, but it seems they did the work you asked for. Regardless if it fixed the car or not they did what you asked and should be paid for the work.


Can you honestly say that any parts store does know a thing about cars? They don't, and Advanced Auto is even worse than any others out there.

You want to know about cars, find a mechanic and ask questions.

Don't ask the idiots behind the counters because they were just hired off of the street because they needed an income. They have no clue what the difference is between a distributor cap and gas cap are.

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