This review is "outdated" in the sense that the incident happened back in 1996 but it is as relevant today as it was back then...

I owned a small Toyota vehicle and wanted to do a lot of maintenance on it. I purchased parts from two different auto parts stores (Pep Boys and from AutoZone). I bought shock absorbers, struts, brake pads, calipers, discs, drums, spark plugs, wires, windshield wipers... A ton of stuff and I was going to do it one day... That day never came. So I decided to return the items I had purchased. I was scared about taking the things I bought at AutoZone since I had lost my receipts, but I was very confident about taking my items back to Pep Boys since I had kept those.

I went to Pep Boys first, presented my receipts and the unopened items. I got a big run around saying I was outside of what their policy's return period. That the items get "old"... So I made my point about how none of these items are "perishable" and are not damaged in any way and I had my receipts! So the manager made me wait around and finally said, "I'm going to do this just this ONE TIME!". I agreed and walked out with my money.

I then went to AutoZone expecting to not fare so well and I was blown away!!! They asked me for my phone number, all my receipts were in their system and the gentleman just began scanning item after item and came back with my grand total and I walked out with more cash. NO hassles, no problems, no questions, nothing negative.

Since that day I promised I would NEVER buy from Pep Boys again and I have kept that promise. I buy almost exclusively from AutoZone (if they don't carry a part then I am left with no alternative but to go to another store, but NOT PEP BOYS).

Buy from your favorite store, I recommend AutoZone, but I certainly don't recommend Pep Boys. They are the worst at everything.

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