Hampton, Virginia
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I dropped my stang off for a tire replacement on sun 7/27/08 and was told by the service dept mngr that he would have it "rush delivered" in 2 days. when thur came and went we called down there and a diff girl said "he" the service mngr, lied to you it won't be here till mon the earliest.

we don't even have 2 day rush delivery. we were pissed but w/e. still needed a tire. so, mon came and we got a call from the mngr that the tire was "here, bruing the car down and we'll put it on for ya".

we said you HAVE the car. he said, I do? yeah and you EVEN have the keys. we just dropped them off with a dude last night (sun).

he said he couldn't find my car and long story short it was stolen the ight before. so now i have no tire and no CAR!

he even had the balls to say "well i'll save th tire for ya".

lol. we said what the *** we gonna put it on ***!

hampton, VA

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Lanesville, New York, United States #43643

this last comment is TO "pep boys rocks"!

(I'm still elarning how to use this site)

Lanesville, New York, United States #43642

You obviously know NOTHING about mustangs. Your ignorance is why you wrote that comment.

Just the fact that you are defending them shows how incredibly *** and childish you are. I was *** to have left that BEAUTIFUL car down there BUT I did not deserve the outcome. That car was an 88 in MINT condition.

IF you would have set your actual eyes on it you MIGHT have known the difference but your lack of intelligence would have prohibited it. So I understand and forgive you for your condesending comments.


:p I talked to the guys down there and they said that it ws a pile of *** anyway so u should be happy that some took it off your hands for u lol!!!!


at least you did not waste any time in english class at school


Are u ***? If you're a true "stang" lover, you wouldn't be taking the car to Pep Boys.

Why blame them anyway? They are not the ones that stole it, are they?


who leaves their car at a repair place for days for a tire?? get a spare and then learn how to type


Pepboys = Bottom feeders of the Auto Industry strike again

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