Wallingford, Connecticut
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I bought the buy 3 tires get the 4th one free... Not really correct.. you buy all 4 tires and they give you store service card that expires before you can use it for the fourth at the Berlin turnpike store in Connecticut. Out of $102 rebate. the kept $70.03 for their own pockets. I called the card number- just promotional number but called and spoke to Salva (i think was her name), she said nothing they can do, your card is no good and you are not getting your money back.

When the card was refused I was in the middle of getting a brake line replaced.. Price $500.00 rip off #2..

Stay away from this company - stealing is legal to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

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Go somewhere else. Pep Boys is a rip off.

Their rebate card expired b4 we could use it.

We had it 6 months max.

They do this on purpose and we r out $130.00.

This is not chump change. We will no longer ever do business with with them. :(


You haveto send acopy of the receipt and a sheet they give you to get your Manufacturer rebate.. the card is a PEP BOYS rewards...

that is false information you're giving here.... or you're too stoooooopid to understand.

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