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Sorry! If my typing skills aren\'t at par! I have been having sleepless nights since this whole fiasco and I\'m also writting this on my phone!

*The gen mgr offered to do a compression test.

And to clarify so noone mis interpets..the first corp. Rep that took my complaint stated incorrectly that our engine was still knocking. It was knocking when we were returning to the store once we found out there was no oil.

Also, I would like to clarify! I as a consumer who had negligent services provided, I should not have to foot any bill regarding this vehicles diagnosis,a new engine, etc...and pep boys shouldn\'t make me/us feel that our only option is to go to them!

For now on, we will be taking our vehicles to the dealerships and we will never ever go back to pep boys ever! This incident was also filed with fort bliss.

Original review posted by user Apr 05, 2012

Husband and I went to pepboys on N. Mesa in El Paso, Tx. for an oil change.(03/31/2012

A service rep if we wanted our tires rotated as well, that I can recall from that convo. At first I was reluctant, but then oked it! We were looking around and shopping for some supplies b/c we planned on taking it to get washed after words. Give or take 455 min later...finally, I see our vehicle pull out of the bay area and to the parking lot. The tech sat there for a good 2-3 min. We checked out/paid and left. This location is in a plaza and in that plaza has a Wal-mart. We drove towards Wal-mart and - saw the "check gauges" light pop on! I pointed it out to my hubs and he could only say "***"..I asked "what", and he stated, either they didn't put enough oil or any oil". I asked him, "what do you mean?" We just got an oil change!! He parks quickly, checks the dipstick and WOW! NO OIL AT ALL! BONE DRY!!! We get back in start the vehicle and immedietly drove back to Pep boys( this is about .2-.3 miles away! As soon as we started driving, we both hear a ticking noise, then knocking. We pull to the side and I walk into Pep boys to inform them, they didn't put oil in! They looked stunned. 3 employees came out including the tech that did the work. At first, he couldn't find the dip stick( its the yellow handle) another tech points it out, and like I stated, NO OIL AT ALL!!! So the employees pushed the vehicle back into the bay area. I end up dealing with the situation b/c the hubs was beyond *** off! As I was too but someone has to deal with it! So as I am trying to call a mechanic working on another vehicle, and specializes in transmissions/engines. As well as trying to keep up with what's going on with our vehicle. I did not see if they did place oil in but there was oil in it after they pushed it back into the bay! The service manager came out and talked with me, he assured me that he double checked the techs work and made sure everything was done correctly. ( I stated to the employees that this is a lawsuit, they f-ed up my engine)He offered to take me back to the service area to look at start our vehicle. Before this I informed the service manager, the vehicle started knocking, and of course it would nock bc there was no oil! He assured me the knocking is no longer present, which I informed him, its to late..the knocking already occurred. And I had spoken with my mechanic and he stated there's already damage. The knocking did go away after my hubs started the vehicle( the techs were laughing in the service area- I could only imagine about what). We were reimbursed and given a copy of what occurred. Which they couldn't state blaintly they didn't put oil in. Instead stated that we stated their was knocking due to possible lack of oil..(It wasn't lacing, it was bone dry)and at the bottom stated they placed 5 quarts of oil. I also spoke with the General mgr prior to leaving..they offered us to come back at 500 miles for another oil change and check to see if there are any other problems. I laughed and stated I dunno..if I do come back I might have to place a sticky note stating OIL?!?!

Hubs and I left to go to our mechanic to take a look.unfortunetly, our mechanic could not check at the time. We decided it would be a better idea to take It to a dealership. Soi opened a claim with my insurance. My insurance followed up with the store. And they admitted to my ins co they did not put oil in the vehicle! Before my ins called, we stopped in to see ifthey would foot the bill on a diagnosis b/c I trust our mechanic and feel there was already damage. Service manager I spoke with said yes, just bring the reciept and we will take care of it. I asked if we can have the dealership call him ( after explaining it would be the smartest decision to take it to the dealer) he(srv mgr stated again, oh, just bring us the reciept and we will take care of it. So we go to the dealership. I spoke with a service advisor and showed him my report. I asked how do I get this vehicle diagnoised?! The service advisor stated the only way to check for internal damage is to remove the oil pan and the main bearrings$ worse case scenerio the estimate for diagnosis is $760.00 or so. I about had a heart attack! My husband contacted Pep boys and told them the diagnostic amount. Pep boys( service mgr) stated they will not cover that b/c its not a diagnosis, its taking an engine apart!

Since then, I have contacted 4 different mechanics, and another dealership. Everyone has said the same thing without doing a diagnosis. And only from what the report says. We need a new engine. Our vehicle has a straight 6 in 1998 jeep wrangler with 103,000 some odd miles prior to the oil change. I took auto shop, and know a thing or two about vehicles. And one thing I know is a straight 6 can out live a brand new engine made these days! It should be able to run up to 300,000 miles as long as you do basic maintenance! And this vehicle is our "baby"! Its not a daily driver! So I filed a complaint with "corp" thru their 1 800 Find out, it was. A phone call the next day by the general manager of the store. He stated what the dealership wants to do is extensive and there are other ways to diagnose. I agreed. So he offered us to bring the vehicle back in and they would do one. As nice as possible I asked the gen mgr to put himself in my shoes. Why would I want to bring my vehicle to the same location that couldn't do a basic oil change! I feel any1 in their right minds would save themselves any more problems by taking it to the dealer! That's w dealerships strictly on whatever make your vehicle is. He then stated we would like to help and we would like for you to give us a chance. I then replied, I did, I gave you a chance, I gave you a chance when I walked in and asked for an oil change and you(pep boys@ failed by neglecting to place the most important part... THE OIL! I also told him you lost your chance. I told him I will forward his response to my husband and go from there. Since then which was only the day ebfore yeaterday since I have yet bothered to contact pep boys. I did call corp. 1800 again to request to speakk to someone above the gen mgr of the store. I told the gen mgr as well as me being the "victim", I should have the right to choose where I want my car serviced! Any how, the first rep when I first filed a complaint wrote there is still knocking, which I never stated that only prior to the oil being placed$ then the second rep became rude on the phone. I relayed the convo I had with the gen mgr to my husband and he told me we don't need a compreSsion test, he has already lost pressure going up hill. ( And this was also confirmed by another mechanic). So now we are in search of a consumer law attorney as well, I will have myins co contact pep boys in regards to our decision. I do not feel confortable talking them anymore! Pep boys admits they screwed up but now they won't own up to respecting me as a customer let alone a customer they screwed up! I should have a say so...and who would know our vehicle better then the dealership! Its simple! At first I wanted them to foot the bill for a diagnosis and they couldn't follow thru...I don't trust them anymore! Buy me a new engine!!! Tired of the "f**** *** games!! And another complaint! I helped my hubs change our radiator in this vehicle about a month we were checking out the yellow. Slip they keep...stated that due to our miles, we need a fuel injection service and coolant flush...no1 said anything till I asked! And I told the rep, how do yall determine that b/c funny thing is, we just replaced that radiator about a month ago( if that).... Scandaless!!!

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What was your outcome? I'm going through the same thing at this very moment


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


i worked at a pep boys in san leandro, ca. a technician dropped a screw into the engine because of not having covered the the the openings into then engine by removing the plenum assy from a v6 engine in a japanese suv...

they wound up having to replace the engine because damage would have resulted... there is precedent fo pep boys replacing the engine if they make a mistake this was around 1996/7.... take them to small claims court for the anticipated expense of a new engine replacement... you need to put up a good case...

get your engine.... you don't need an attorney...

just do some consultation and research on laws that apply to automotive... good luck.....


Thanks for everyone's comments....even the negative ones... I do things on cars as a hobby, nothing major like engines and transmissions..other then maybe gaskets. Anyhow...I don't need to justify with certain peoples negative comments

.... matt- we did a complete flush including replacing the radiator. But good looking out :) thank you for a valuable reminder. Since april, we have been doing our own oil changes despite the 100+ degree weather :). And we were lucky to find a lawyer willing to take our case

as of now we are playing the wait game.

update- we leave this city in august. So now we have to figure out where we will stay, what we can afford, etc. This is not our home state., we do not plan to settle here either! As of next week, if no reply I will be filing a complaint with the local consumer agency as well as the Texas attorney general and the bob. Regarding the matter.


I've been a employee of pep boys for 2 years and ya the whole engine thing is *** but u know that a radiatior does not hold all the coolant in a system there are internal passages in the engine so u still may have needed one


maybe it's time to trade that old turd in for a new car, just a thought.....good luck getting a "new engine", I worked there for 10 years and NEVER saw anyone get a "new engine"- the MOST you will get will be a used junkyard engine, have fun!


stay away from all the name brand auto repair shops, they are just out to make money and will *** at the drop of a dime, they hire kids off the street for min wage that have no clue about working on engines. dont go to midas, firestone or any of the likes.

do your own oil changes and find a reputable mechanic.

you need to get your car fixed at the dealer and sue pep boys for the bill plus costs. TAKE THEM TO COURT.

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