El Centro, California

On December 29 2009 I went to Pep Boys on Imperial in El Centro and filled out a work order for my 2005 Dodge to be serviced on the 30th. I asked what time the service shop opens and made the appointment for 8.00am.

On the 30th the doors to the store were not opened till after 8.00am and at 8.30 my truck was still sitting outside waiting for someone to start work.

I asked why my appointment had been scheduled for 8.00 when it could be seen that people did not start work till later the response was it takes time to get the shop open.

I asked for my keys back and went elsewhere for service.

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OMGOD- WHO is such an *** to make an "appointment" at open - Blah! You dont make an "appointment" at the DMV @ open...

do you? The point is that wherever you go you should allow time because the whole Fing world does NOT evolve around you *******!

WOW- Have some respect- Would you want an angry peson in your face first thing in the morning @ your job? seriously????


You are right this would be asking alot from some of these people.Joe are u getting deffensive is this the store u might work at or are u like one of these deadbeats.I've worked in the auto buisness alond time no excusse for this.It does not matter if you you had cars left over you make it right with the customer remember the person can in the day before.


Joe your the dumb ***.As well as anyone that works in that store.Thats why you have a manager that comes in early starts getting everthing going gets the schedule book out and gets he's or her stuff together.I take companies like these and turn them around to better places.Don't want to sound like Im great but I have not failed yet.


It does take time dumb ***. Also its not magic and can take time, maybey they had work left from yesterday?


Unfortunately, this type of complaint is not uncommon these days. Good service is now an "exception" rather than the "norm".

It's sad, but a fact of life I'm afraid. You should stick with a good reputable independent repair shop and avoid places/chains like Pep Boys. As for your particular issue, seems like PB should start "opening" well before their advertised hours of business to "get the shop open" But, that would be asking alot from some of the deadbeats that work in these places!

They don't care 1 bit about customer satisfaction, just their paycheck. Good Luck

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