Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I went to Pep Boys for a simple oil change and PA inspection to the location in Bloomfield, Pitt PA last Thursday. I was told the car needed a license light fixed and one new tire. Total price: $251.87. They also tried to upcharge me for four new tires, belt replacement, and a tune-up for another $750. They seemed genuinely pissed when I declined. Ripoff and that's only the beginning. I had the work done because I was going out of town for the weekend and needed the inspection approved.

I drove four hours to my destination and the engine started smoking. I looked under the hood and the cap to the coolant reservoir was off and all of the coolant had boiled off leaving my engine overheated. I refilled the coolant and tightly secured the cap. I took the car back to the same location on Monday. They claimed to have reinspected the car and added a new cap for the radiator...obviously that was the problem...defective cap (right).

Now, my pregnant wife just called me hysterically on the side of the road. The Brand New PepBoys tire just blew out after 400miles of use and nearly caused her to wreck. NEVER AGAIN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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I work for pepboys and I can tell you we *** *** every day. I love to stick it to idiots who know nothing about cars.


well u *** u don't really hab to get everything done but never know later u might get stuck..i bet u when u leave all the parts that they rec. u ll waste ur time to go back to pep boys..

n depend what kinda of tires u bought..

if u get the cheaper one that's brand suck.. i bet u get the cornell or futura LTE tire..


carlos new car dealers do not offer road hazard.ase is not anything more than a paper test it is not real time repair.i have more than 20 years expierence in all phases of auto and diesel repair do you?and if you read the article the customer said the rad cap was left off.that is possible.the tech could have been in a hurry


What condition is your car in? I mean you took it to them for a reason right?

Do you have more ASE certs than the technician that worked on your car? (I DO!) You are second guessing them without any proof, like a second opinion. Tires blow out all the time even NEW ones. Thats why new car dealerships offer roadhazard coverage.

Cause theres nails and stuff (ROAD HAZARDS) out there on the roads. this could of happened to any tire out there. Sounds like you would have me believed that you actually thought this new tire was made with super strength rubber? Kryptonite couldn't affect it.

working in this field. I believe to top this all off, you wanted the CHEAPEST tire! Truth is Pepboys carries Goodyear tires with Kevlar in them for this type of thing. Did you buy these tires?????

probably not!

Take it back to pep boys tell them you want to upgrade the tire they will most likely reimburse all your money for the first tire. ps I dont work for them actually work for their competitor.


Tell her to quit hitting potholes and running over ***. Dam horrible husband letting your pregnant wife drive so far away alone! Guess that's there fault also huh.

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