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Car bogged down near this Pep Boys. Asked service attendant to please check out what is causing the sluggishness and give me an estimate.

Dont believe the vehicle was ever test driven to even experience the problem, almost positive the main symptom of the sluggishness was ever delivered by the desk attendant to the mechanic. They Hooked the vehicle up to the diagnostic machine which showed a couple misfires from the engine.

I Receive a call from attendant that says they recommend a tune up, replace 2 ignition coils, 2 spark plugs,and a throttle cleansing. I'm thinking to myself that doesnt sound too bad, sounds like a couple hundred bucks. Boom that will be $738 dollars. What? "Are the coils made of gold"? 2 coils & 8 spark plugs cost about $80 bucks total at napa. How the *** do you get to $738?

Ok definitely can't do that. Please cut out the tune up, and the throttle cleaning.

Mr mechanic Will replacing the 2 Coils fix the problem ? Mr. Mechanic- "Yes". Then Do it. Ok that will be $450 for diagnostic work, 2 new coils, 2 spark plugs.

Ugh not a happy camper but if its fixed I can live with it. Before I pick it up I call Pep Boys and ask the attendant if the car is running properly. " Yes".

Pick up the car and go 10 feet and realize the car is doing the same exact thing- bogged down lack of power- as it was when I brought it in. They did nothing to improve the performance (They couldn't have test driven it).

They re-check it and now tell me its a bad catalytic converter. Estimate $2500 to fix. Im about ready to strangle somebody at this point. I wasted $450 on a job that wasnt the issue, and wasted a day on a mis-diagnosis of 2 coils, 2 spark plugs. Incredible.

Not bad people but what a horrible experience.

I wont go 100 feet from a Pep Boys. I wouldnt even buy an pine tree air freshener from them. Not getting 1 more penny out of me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Diagnostics.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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To follow up. Catalytic converter needed to be replaced. Pep Boys estimate was $2500 PLUS more if the oxygen sensors were bad.

I ended up buying the catalytic converter online for $411 and had a local mechanic install it for $150 bucks. So I saved myself $2000 by not getting gouged by Pep Boys.

Do your homework before dealing with this outfit.

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