Lawrence, Kansas

I dropped of my 2001 Saturn SL2 at night on 3/14/12 after the gear shifter stopped working. I noted on the dropoff form that I did not authorize any work and to call me before doing any work.

They called the next morning and said that the gear shift cable was broken and that there would be $102 charge just for telling me that. When I questioned such a high charge for such an obvious diagnosis, I was rudely told that the it takes a mechanic an hour or hour and a half to check the car and that I had to pay the $102 to get my car back.

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Why should they check the car out for free? You're obviously no one special. It costs any auto repair facility to look at you car so you need to be charged accordingly.


was your welfare check not enough to cover it?


If it is such an easy diagnosis why didn't you find the problem yourself?


well they did what you asked--they checked it out and did not repair it--how do you know how easy it is to check--if it broke at the trans linkage--its easy to see--if the cable broke inside the cable housing its harder to check out--if it broke at the shifter--then 99% of the time the center console has to be removed to check it out then you did not repair it so they had to put everything back together--so yes it could have been anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and a half, their time is just as valuable as yours is--you don't work for free do you?

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