Jupiter, Florida
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I went to PepBoys in February because my check engine light was on; they pulled the codes, installed a new battery, windshield wipers & cleaned my headlights - none of which solved the check engine problem & $$$ co$t me dearly. After researching the problem myself & buying a new gas cap the problem disappeared.

But a month later the light came back on so I called Pepboys again & was told to make an appointment for the next day, I did. I showed up half an hour before my scheduled appointment only to be told it would take 3-4 hours to run a diagnostic I should either leave it or bring it back the next morning & they'd get right to it first thing. I agreed to leave my vehicle overnight & I walked over a mile home. The next day I called at 10:45 am expecting the diagnostic test to have been performed only to be told they hadn't even started working on my car!

By now my car had been sitting over 5-hours in their 6-bay garage & no one touched it. I spoke with the manager who assured me they were running a "smoke test" on my vehicle now. Two hours later he calls to say it only needed a new gas cap, the technician drove your car all around town & it's fine now. I had to walk back to pick up my car.

I asked for my old gas cap back since it was less than a month old & the manager began digging thru the trash. He finally appeared with a gas cap & said meet me at your car - he didn't even know my vehicles make, model or color. He shows me how nice & secure this "new" gas cap fits & takes my supossed old one & says it pulls right off. To which I open my trunk & pull out the box for the gas cap that had been on my car & show him that it was the correct size for my vehicle.

We go back inside the store & he attempts to charge me $88 for a smoke test, labor & a gas cap. I reminded him I had an appointment the night before & they did nothing, they did nothing after leaving it overnigjt. So he drops the smoke test & labor & charged me $18 for a $7 gas cap. I always set my odometer after getting gas & I know they didn't test drive my car.

I will NEVER TAKE A VEHICLE TO PEPBOYS EVER AGAIN. Fraud, lazy untrained workers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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yeah, I have to agree with this one you should go back and get your money


They also owe you a refund for the first gas cap, since it obviously didn't work. So take the part and the receipt up there and get your money back.

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