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My husband and I went to Pep Boys located at Jamacha Road in El Cajon to have the wheels of our car aligned, have the radiator flushed and aircon checked.

Before going to the said branch, we called ahead and spoke to the assistant service manager and was told to bring our car in because they were not busy, that they would be able to accommodate us right away and it would take about 30 minutes waiting time for our car to be checked. So my husband and I went straight to Pep Boys, even though he hasn't gotten any sleep yet coz he just came from his night shift work.

Since we didn't have another car, we went to the nearest McDonald's to wait. 2 1/2 hours passed and no word from Pep Boys. We called the branch to follow up on our car. That was the only time we were informed that the aircon guy will not be coming in today so we just have to bring back the car next time for our aircon concerns. Fine. We were then told that it will take another hour for our car to be fixed.

After almost 4 hours of waiting, we went back to the shop and were aghast to find out that they have NOT even touched our car!!

When we brought this up to the Assistant Service Manager, he even had the nerve to say "i told you that it would take a while" and that "i can't do anything, you can either wait some more or just take your car."

Of course we know that it will take a while to have our car fixed but we were not informed that "a while" meant 4 hours of waiting without them even looking at our car! Don't get me wrong. We don't mind waiting. All we hoped for was that they informed us that the waiting time will be 4 hours before they can even start looking at our car! They never told us anything!

Worse, when we got our car, they just left it in the parking lot with the window open (someone could have stolen our stuff inside the car) and the radio was on top volume!

We had to call the customer service TWICE to file our complaint! We found out that the first call we made was NOT even recorded since the second CSR didn't find in the computer anything about the complaint we made earlier!

We should have gone to another auto repair shop. Now we know better.

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This is very typical of this chain. They'll say anything to get you in without regard to their customer.

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