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I purchased Hankook Optimo 70,000 mile prorated tires from Pep Boys. I was told during an oil chage at Midas that I needed new tires.

My milage on my reciept from Pep Boys was 89,933 when I made the purchase. The mileage during this resent oil change is 106.375. That's about 16,000 miles. I went to tire Kingdom to verify I needed new tires and they said yes and was surprised that they were worn out evenly.

I had to drive 20 miles to Pep Boys to get new prorated tires from Clearwater to Tampa. They have no offices in Clearwater/St Petersburg,FL (wonder why) The told me the new tires would be around 68 bucks each. I paid $68.99 each when new and purchased a tire protection warrenty and computerized wheel alignment.

I told them what I paid and they said they are now selling for $89. I called a few days later for a price on the same tires and they said they are $81.-----***

Monetary Loss: $275.

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#1 Yes--3 tire rotations in 16,000 miles and monthly air checks. The last tire rotation was when I was told I need new tiresand came back to Pet Boys

#2 No--tread was not unevenly worn and pep Boys did front end alignment when I bought the tires.

#3 No--I drive 2 1/2 miles to work and only put $10 in gas a week

#4 ***

#5 No-- this is Florida---Most stations would tell you that you needed something replaced even if it was not needed. I've never been told they need to be changed.

Additionally I also Called Hancook Tires and they blamed Pet Boys for not honoring the warranty. Next tires will be foreign and from Tires Plus. I had to drive over 20- miles to Tampa from Clearwater because Pet Boys can't keep a shop open in St. Petersburg


1. Did you ever rotate your tires during the time you had them? Did you keep your tires at the proper air inflation level?

2. There could be a suspension/shock/strut issue causing premature wear on the tires, and yes it could be evenly worn.

3. Were you using the vehicle for purposes the vehicle was not intended for (commercial etc.)?

4. The way a prorate works is that they take the tread depth and substact that from the new tire tread depth and you pay for the amount of tread you have used. Tire prices fluctuate up and down all the time. One day they could be 89.99 the next day they could be 81.99. You get prorated from the current cost of the tire, not the cost of the tire when you purchased it. Keep this stuff in mind before you make a complaint, it is an industry standard.

5. You may want to take your car somewhere and have the suspension and shocks/struts checked to make sure you don't have any problems.

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