San Diego, California

Can I give the garage no stars?

I took our car in to get checked for brakes. I am a woman and did not let on that I was "attached" at all. Adam had them look at the brakes and seemed quite giddy when he showed me the repair list that was needed- to over $1200

I then asked him to explain these repairs to my fiance on the phone- and he got very nervous and seemed surprised that I had a man involved.

We didn't trust him, so we took it home and consulted with a friend who did the work- for a total of less then $100 for parts. And one part that Adam said needed to be replaced for over $350- turns out it was "frozen- only needed some lubrication- for less then a $1.

I don't remember the last time I felt so taken advantage as a woman. or as a human.

I thought that one place I could be treated fairly and justly was at a national chain like Pep Boys. Alas- I should have known- it's not going to be called Pep Boy and Girls any time soon.

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i would have to agree.There is alot of vagueness in this.. it almost seems that she tried to flirt her way in to getting her car repaired for cheap or even possibly for nothing. i relay wouldn't trust my safety with a shade tree mechanic


Dealing with lots of vagueness here. Don't state what just needed to be lubed, etc.

You could just throw some parts on there and hope things will work and you will be safe for less money. I don't mess around with shortcuts on brakes.

They Stop Your vehicle! If you had a quote for these repairs, I am positive it was justified to do it right and keep you Safe!


what pepboys? city, state, street? this Adam person keeps coming up

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