Greensboro, North Carolina

I've worked for Pep Boys for more then a couple of years, until recent! I had a death in the family and asked for the time off, And was advised by my Area Director that if I took the time off that my job would not be there for me when i come back, It blew me away when he said that, I really didn't have a choice, I had to go.

I'm still fighting it out with them and the Labor board, That just goes to show how much Pep Boys care about their employee, They don't!!!! I don't recommend them to anyone anymore or would I buy from them, I'm still fighting It out with the labor board and them, What right do they have to say that.

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Pepboys only care about their managers, who ever is below them get treated like garbage. Pepboys used to be a good company


I worked for them and they sucked at giving time off in general or sick days....that's why I found a better job, but hey that's how retail places work...


from upper management did you ever wonder what message they give. look out for yourself only!!! *** on the little guys get rid of

salary employees that make too much and rreplace them with lower paid managers .wont

be supprised if bain capital buys and kills

the company its almost there know with the

upper management thats now in place.mike odell

give back to your employees and stop trying to

find a way not to pay them you are the 1 percent.and as you will see in november in

our country your time will come when your

job as president will be questioned and either

continue to serve or be replaced by someone who can lead better


You might want to call EOE they can help. Do you get sick days /vacation or could you work week ends to make the time up. Thats pretty harsh people if they are unwilling to work something out with you!

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