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Yesterday I made an appointment for 5pm. I was 10 minutes early and told my car would be ready in one hour.

My car did not get looked at until 7pm. It took the tech over an hour to figure out what was wrong with it and by then the store was closing. I talked to the store manager several times during the 5pm-8:30pm time frame and was basically brushed off. When we left last night we were told Craig the mechanic that was working on the car that night would be in today and would do the work.

We arrived today and Craig has the day off. I am really pissed off that a) I made an appt yesterday for 5pm and it took 2 hours for my car to even get looked at (b) I was blown off by the manager (c)I was lied to about who would be working on my car.

I asked about getting a discount of some sort for the inconvenience of this experience and once again got blown off. I am a first time customer, but based off this experience I will not be a returning customer.

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Try going to the Dr and getting right in it doesn't happen mechanics are Dre for your car

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