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I made an online appointment for service on my car, and after waiting 20 mins in line to check into the service department, I was informed they do not honor appointments. BTW, they were trying to accept payment from one customer while I waited even though there were 3 employees behind the counter. I asked for a manager and asked "What is the purpose of an appt. if you won't honor it?"

His response, "That's a very good question sir. Is there something I can help you with?" He could not explain why the appt was worthless and could not tell me how long it would be to start service on the car. During our discussion, another customer in the waiting room said he had an earlier appt and has been waiting over 2 hrs.

I finally gave up after about 5 mins of bantering with a manager, who IMHO was totally incompetent.

I conclude that Pep Boys has been able to survive over the years because of customers accepting this type of treatment. I am not one of them and Pep Boys will NEVER get another purchase from me.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I also made an appt. that was not honored.I told him and he response was you get the service when you get it.I was devastated,and I told him how I felt about his response.Pep Boys should improve their customer service.You never to large to fall,many have.

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