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My mother is a disabled woman on Social security. She took her car to Pep Boys.

They repaired her car for $700.00. Four days later the Car overheated and pep boys confirmed that it was due to a sensor that they had just installed. THey found a cracked head and said that even though the car over heated due to the faulty sensor they put in, they are not responsible for fixing the car. Now the approximate amount for repair is $2000.00.

There was a warranty on the parts they put in the car but they say the warranty does not cover the cracked head. I have talked to GM and 2 other mechanics and they both said that a cracked head is a result of a overheat and the overheat would have been caused by the faulty part that pep boys installed.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I have seen sensors fail a week after install. If they installed a coolant temp sensor then that would have caused his issues. 700 dollars worth of repairs is way to much.


what sensor did they install that caused the overheat? what kind of car was it? I just can''t see a sensor failing 4 days later to cause an overheating problem...but if it did they should take care of it.....all you have to do is explain if it was an oil filter failure and you locked up your engine they should be held responsible...take it up with the district manager...they understand these problems

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