Milford, New Hampshire

I worked for Pep Boys for 5 years as a service writer and assistant service manager, having left and have worked at a large dealership for the last several years. I see things never change- they're corporate management is deplorable and treat store employees like dirt.

I would have a full line of customers on a busy Friday and the regional service mng would call for daily sales info.-I would tell him I was waiting on customers and he said "I don't care-I come first"-This is a guy who makes 150k plus and I wasn't making enough to have health insurance. I was talked down to so bad by the regional service manager who did not even have a college degree or ASE (which I had), on some occasions, if would have said one word- I would have been fired for insubordination- why the heck would they hire a clown like this?? They deleted my overtime on numerous occasions-I hear they have a history of doing this with others. Upper management does not a #@!$ about their employees or their customers.

They would pressure me badly to sell this gimmicks called the "item of the month" and "road hazard warranty".

They pay their store employees very low wages and are very money hungry. I finally got sick of their poor practices and left to a place that appreciates their employees and customers.

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Yep I agree 100%


I have been with Pep Boys for 5 years now and I work my *** off and have yet to see a raise. I get above average Evaluations but they always give an excuse as to why they wont give you a raise.

I have applied for the parts manager many times and have never been interviewed the Area Director never answers his phone and when he comes into the store is very cold to everyone and makes you feel like you are not as good as he is. We had a great manager who finally had enough and went to the another company that gave him more money and better benifits.

We have since gotten a new manager who says he has a college degree but what good is his degree that is not in parts to this buisness the man is the biggest *** and always sits in the office and pons everything off on the only manager that knows how to do anything the proper way the poor girl is up to her eyeballs in his *** and his reponse is always well my boss told me to have you do it. Should a Retail Store Manager not have Parts, Service and Commercial knowledge before become a store manger especially if there are two great managers wiling and able to take his job and do it so much better!!!

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