Concord, California
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On the 22nd of June I had my car towed to Pep Boys on Contra costa Blvd in Pleassant Hill Ca. I suspected a fuel problem and they "performed" a diagnostic for $90.00 and told me it was the fuel pump. This made sense so I told them go ahead and fix it. The next day I picked up the car and soon the same symptoms began to appear.

I removed the fuel pump frome the gas tank because as an ex-mechanic, I have never seen one go out in less than 200 miles. Low and behold there was my old fuel pump in there. It had not been replaced. The labor on this job was $143 @ $131/hr., so it took them over an hour to do a half hour job. So they over billed on that too. It was adouble-dippin' *** whippin'. Nice work if you can get it.

Rick Yaw

Pleasant Hill Ca.

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wow have any of you guys actually looked at some of the @#$% you write on here it sounds like maybe 10% of you have a real complaint maybe some of you guys should figure out what it is about you that gets you bad service cause im willing to bet that pepboys aint the only place you get @#$% service.......but anyway i work at a pepboys as a certified ase master tech and will admit they treat there staff with no respect....and are lossing all the experienced staff they got which leaves them with understaffed shops with unknowledgeable tech......secret to big business success hire young and dumb cause you can pay them nothing

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