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I am not pleased with the service I have a Pep Boys. I find them to be rude and unhelpful to customers.

While I was in line to have them fix a problem I already paid for them to fix, I heard one of them tell a little old lady that they do not have the record of installing her battery. He told her they don't keep records of work being done longer than 4 months. LIAR, LIAR!!

I am having vibration problems with my car and took it to another car palce to find out what was wrong because I was getting no where with Pep Boys. The other car place told me my tires were out of round and still had good tread, so I should take it back to where I got the tires and get new ones.

(FYI - This place did not charge me a DIME to look at my car.) I take it to Pep Boys and after waiting TWO HOURS they tell me they can't find anything wrong and send me on my way!

What frustrates me is knowing that I will be going back there tomorrow when my car starts vibrating because my tires are OUT OF ROUND and they didn't replace my tires or take me seriously!

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Trzin, Trzin, Slovenia #14007

They probably couldn't understand you at the service desk with the horrible English that you speak and by the way, Do you work for Free? Didn't think so, stop expecting the people who touch your car to do it for free too

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