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I took my car to Pep Boys because my check engine light was on. Paid $100 and they told me that there was 2 things wrong with it, 1st Ion Sensing Module $350,,, 2nd a coil $100.

So we could not get the first part, as it is something, you have to order from Japan that takes up to 3 months to order. I asked them to at least replace the coil and they did not want to do that without giving me any explanation.

So I took my car to another mechanic [a proper one] and he looked at it for FREE and found out that it was not a coil or a Ion sensing module, but that it was the Alternator and a fuel pump.

They got everything done in one day, my car is as good as new now.

All they know how to do at Pep Boys is to hook it up to a computer and read the codes. I am sorry but I can do that too. They never actually checked the individual parts to see what is setting the engine light off.

Insted they made me order a $350 part that I don't need. I am so angry with companies like this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Replacement.

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If the fuel pump was bad the car wouldn't run. If the alternator was bad, the battery light would be on, NOT the check engine light, and the car would have broken down running on just the battery without being charged by the alternator.

So who diagnosed your car wrong and sold you a bunch of stuff you didn't need? :?


As a mechanic, I understand your frustration, it needs to be understood that:

1. it is not possible to visually look at either a fuel pump or an alternator to determine if there is an issue with it, that is what the computer codes tell you, outside of a visual of something missing or broken (belt, pulley etc.)

2. it is highly possible that the tech does not know his equipment, shame on that tech.

3. I doubt that you spend the money for the equipment, the tool that is being used is pricey, there is more than just reading the codes on a computer, involved in diagnosing car problems.


as long as it was FREE you will be happy


That's not the point that this consumer is making it's the improper diagnostics that companies like this do.they hire under qualified people. Plus there is a share of the profits.


How much you paid for Alternator and fuel pump + labor?

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