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I took my car to Pepboys for an oil change back in February after it was done I checked my car and noticed they never replaced the oil filter after complaining to the manager he refused to believe me, stating I could be looking at something else because he asked the Technician did he replace it and he told him yes it was replaced, at that point I told him that I've been working on cars for a very long time and I know what an oil filter is and what I'm looking at and that I definitely know the difference between a new oil filter and dirty old one and to make matters worse I told him that the filter that supposedly was replaced on their receipt was a red STP and what was on the car was a BOSCH and even with that he still didn't believe me (leading me to believe it was a scam that they are all pulling) so he then asked me to bring the car back so he could visually inspect it because he said there is NO WAY that, that could of happened more or else calling me a liar. So I proceeded to drive back to the store - (at this point know I am fuming I had to waste my time to go back again, and that he pretty much didn't believe me and in so many ways called me a liar and throughout the conversation he progressively got really loud at me) so I arrived at the store got ahold of the Manager and took him to my car he took one look and said oh man I'm so sorry you can clearly see that it was not replaced I will replace right away at that moment I told him hold on you are going to have to change the oil again because it was contaminated with the old oil filter he said sure thing and made sure it would not happen again he apologized over again and calmed me down, so on 6/23/19 I went back for another oil change and guess what happened I checked and the oil filter was not changed once again I called the store and this time it was a different manager and once again he didn't believe me gave me the same excuse as the other manager like it was rehearsed he spoke with the tech and he said It was replaced so I went back showed the manager and asked him how could this of happened again with a different tech he could not give me an answer and right away he said oh I'm sorry you can see that it wasn't changed I'll pull your car in and replace it and you can walk around and watch them do it, at that moment I told him what's going on is this common - (Pepboy practice) - whoever comes in here for an oil change DO NOT change the oil filter to steal a buck and scam the public he goes and tells me no that's not the case so he changed my oil and filter again.

I left fuming never again will I have an oil change at Pepboys and I highly recommend the public to not go to Pepboys for an oil change or any services for that matter can you imagine the amount of people that have their oil changed nationwide and don't check there cars to find out that there filters where not changed (millions) on top of that what kind of damage could or has been done driving around with a dirty oil filter. how many engines have been destroyed because of Pepboys negligence this definitely Screams of a Class Action lawsuit there is no way this is an isolated incident I am not letting this one go I am certainly going to speak with an attorney.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Reason of review: The damage to my engine and the filter was not changed and I was charged for one.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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