Chicago, Illinois

This letter formalizes my complaint regarding the purchase of 4 new tires from Pep Boys Auto on 10/26/2007. The complete service included tire mounting, premium wheel balancing, valve stems, and road hazard warranty. Total amount, including disposal of old tires and taxes came to $577.85. There was a rebate for the 4th tire in the amount of $109.99 which I received.

Immediately leaving Pep Boys, the loud tire sounds were evident when travel speeds exceeded 40 mph. I just thought that because the tires were new, maybe they had to be “broken in” for a few miles. However, at speeds on the Interstate of 65 mph, the tire noises were extremely loud. The sounds did not dissipate over time, as I had assumed. I just could not handle this noise any more. Finally, when I was back in the area of this dealer on April 21st, I discussed my dilemma with the Pep Boys manager. That is, brand new tires, expensive ones at that, which were louder than the old tires taken off. The old ones with 73,000 miles on them were much quieter than these new ones.

The Pep Boys dealer told me that the tires are worn unevenly, and that I MUST have new struts put on in order for him to replace the tires with new ones. While I really needed a quieter ride and new tires, the strut issues was questionable. When I called my husband to tell him of this issue, my husband claimed the struts were OK, and that this approach by the dealer was a roadblock to a resolution. My husband told me to go to Firestone in Oak Lawn and see if they could get us new tires. I told the Pep Boys manager what I planned to do, and he then said OK, if you want new tires, there will not be a warranty unless you get the struts changed. I refused this work and went to Firestone.

The Firestone dealer at 10327 So. Cicero in Oak Lawn was very accommodating. He checked my tires, and saw that they were like new. I informed him of the Pep Boys argument about struts, and he seemed to question their logic. He said struts “rarely” needed to be changed. But, he was willing to do a check of the struts and did so. His report assured me that the struts were within specs and did not need to be replaced. This dealer was willing to rotate the tires, but thought that would be throwing money away, since he knew the noise would continue. He believes the tires are just bad quality, and that I should return to Pep Boys for a replacement.

At this point, I just want quality tires that are quiet when driving. This is not too much to ask in an age of technological advances as we have grown accustomed to. More to the issue, if Pep Boys cannot provide quality tires and quality services without trying to scare a female into purchasing some extraneous services and parts, I just want my money returned so I can go to Firestone. At least they were honest and treated me with some respect.


Monetary Loss: $577.

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Even if the struts were worn but not shot , the new tires should not have made loud road noise , usually this noise is the result of an overly aggressive tread pattern or bad tires


most manufactures recommend struts be replaced every 50k how many miles on your car? also was mr firestone and your husband ase certified in steering and suspension?

sounds like some back yard university advice was given to you. bet your new tires are chopping now.

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