Annapolis, Maryland
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Went to get my timing belt & waterpump changed. I told them that morning if they could not get it finished, i would bring it back after my trip, i was told "no Problem".

I called and was told they couldn't get it done that day, the "mechanic was having problems, he had never changed a timing belt on honda pilot". After calling the district manager i got my truck 6 hours after it was promised. OK so fast forward only 60,000 miles truck won't start, new garage I towed it to says" timing belt is shredded and the water pump fell off when they took the timing belt off of it. Mechanic told me the waterpump was original and the belt did not look 60,000 miles old.

I'm taking the parts to them an demanding my money back.

*** Pep Boys. Annapolis MD

Monetary Loss: $800.

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don't give me a hard time just because I have s e x with men and I collect soiled mens underwear. I still got ripped off, and i want money or underwear to resolve the issue.


Not writing like an ESL dropout,learn it.

" fast forward only 60,000 miles..."

Fast forward to where? From where? I have no idea what the mileage was when you supposedly had the work done or what it is now. I see 60,000 a couple times but I have no idea of the significance because of the mangled writing.

Which isn't to say that P*o*o*p Boys doesn't suck.

Breclav, Jihomoravsky Kraj, Czech Republic #220751

No you jack *** . They never replaced the timing belt or waterpump then charged me for them. Reading comprehension, Learn it!


Seriously, you want it warrantied after 60,000 miles? Wow, even the dealership wouldn't warranty it that long. Its jack *** like you that always try and scam and get *** for free.

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