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About 4 weeks ago, I took my kia sedona to get it fixed and the people at Pep Boys told me that they would take care of it. They promised that they would leave it running well ----- What a mistake?!

I'll regret that I took it there for the rest of my life and the life of the car as well. They charged me $980.00 for nothing.

My car's engine light stayed on and would not give me an explanation why, so I took it to PURRRFECT Auto Service and guess what? They let me see what was wrong with it, through their scanner.

The car had 5 major things wrong with it and none of those were pointed out to me my Pep Boys. The "mechanics" here, did one thing though. They disconnected a cable to the heat sensor and the car would now stall anytime the wind would hit my car.

Their service was pitiful and now I'm in the middle of a complaint against Pep Boys to get my money back.

I hope that no one else gets taken for a ride like I was. In this economy, money is important and honest work and service should go hand in hand.

Shame on you Pep Boys! I will see you in court!!

Monetary Loss: $980.

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