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I took a running car to pep boys to have oil changed & get tune up diagnose intermittant engine light. They called me and said i need a new knock sensor 700 dollars.

The girl was nice, i trusted her I let them do the work and paid them 1250. When i drove the car home i didn't get 5 miles it was overheating & engine light was on. I put water in it and it was leaking out the back off the motor. I called the service manager and told them i think they forgot to put water in the car.

He told me his mechanics thinks he put water in there. He said he would tow it no charge because it was there fault. After 4 days he calls me back and says it was just a broken water heater hose, and he fixed it already, free of charge. And also that the knock sensor he installed was faulty and they would have to replace that free of charge.

I said are you sure it looked to me like water was coming out the back of the motor. Assured me the head gasket was fine. Calls me 6 days later and just says you have a blown head gasket. Then he humms and haws on the phone for 15 mins mumbling different large numbers but won't give n exact number.

So i tell him it doesn't matter because i'm not giving them any more money. He then talks to my wife and says he will fix the car because it was there fault. Another week later he calls again and says he has the new knock sensor, and we need to talk. So we go see them and he brings out his master mechanic to explain how not having water in the car didn't cause the blown head gasket.

That it was the blown heater hose.I asked them for the old hose, they couldn't produce it said it didn't matter because it was free of charge. I told him i never authorized removal or replacement of hose. I knew it was a blown head gasket because i could see where the water was coming from when the tow truck came for it. From the motor.

I think they were driving my car around for a week and they blew the head gasket somehow. Then gave it to me empty of water so they could blame it on me. Still haven't got the car back and i will not authorize them to do more work they just keep giving me excuses. I will never let them touch another car again.

I don't even believe now that there was a problem with the knock sensor. Toyotech says normaly it's a bad signal wire. Sensor can be tested with a volt meter but they never did that test. I wish i would have done it myself.

I drove that car 400 miles the 2 days before i gave it to them, now i'm towing it to another mechanic. The other mechanic said he would rebuild the motor with a 4 year guarantee for the same price PEP Boys wants to replace head gasket. They won't give me any money back, even thought they haven't fixed the engine light problem. The blue book on the car is 3500.

They already got 1250 now they want 2000.

They have no shame! I just want the car back before more mysterious things happen to it.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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When I managed there, that's what our "mechanics" did best. We replaced 3 blown engines due to "mechanics" forgetting to put oil in the motor after oil changes, and had over 5 accidents because "mechanics" forgot to torque down the lug nuts after putting wheels on. If they can't get oil and tires right, how can they even trust themselves with any real repair jobs?

That's why I needed to get out of there, the standard expectations that company has of itself are scraping bottom of the barrel.


Go to SEARS. :) :) :)

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