Medway, Massachusetts

Purchased 4 new tires and had it aligned for my Honda Odyssey that I drive 3 children in!

The van was shaking and pulling, so went back and spent another 2 hours waiting for it to be fixed. We did this 5 seperate times. After the 4th time, I went to my local independent tire store where I had them look at it, within a few minutes they came back and said that the tire treads were almost bare in spots due to the aligement being off. I called Pepe boys and spoke with a guy who has since been fired and he agreed to give us four new tires, the brakes were also very worn down due to the tires not being aligned properly. We were also told we were getting new brakes but we only got new front brakes! I made it VERY clear that this was the 5th time of coming back to get this done right and that I would be going back to the local tire store to get it checked. We went back and had the alignment checked, which is all computerized. Not only was it not aligned right the tires were not balanced and they had not put the right pressure in, which as a woman even I know how to do. I called the store and spoke to Ben the deputy manager, he agreed to pay the $149 that we paid to the local tire store to have it aligned properly, tires balanced and the right pressure corrected. So today my husband drove to the store to pick up the money and the RUDEST and UNTRAINED manager -Brian was there and refused to pay what had been agreed and would only give us what we had paid them for the alignment of $79.99. My husband called me while he was there and Brian said he was not going to honor what his deputy manager had agreed and that was it. He talked over me and treated me so poorly that I am now really angry. We will be now asking for the time and gas we spent going back and forth and the risk of driving this van in the state they gave it back to us, not ONCE, or TWICE but FIVE TIMES!!!

How dare they speak to anyone so poorly after doing such bad work on any car where an accident could occur and where a law suit can pursue because the workers care nothing for this company and it's name. Pay the extra go to your local independent tire store who stands by their work.

If ANYONE from corporate Pep boys reads this you need to make Ben the manager and get rid of Brian who is a disgusting human being and understands nothing about customer relations and has no clue that if he is the service manager and a customer has to come back FIVE times and even then they cannot do the work right that that reflects on him as a manager and the training of HIS staff.

I am now going to write poor reviews on EVERY online sight and also go to court to get my money back and damages. Well done Brian, you just cost Pep Boys a lot more than $149! I hope they fire your *** and everyone who reads this will not be bringing their car to be done at your store, another loss. I also called the corporate office and got nowhere, left a message for a supervisor to call me back. Nothing! pep Boys do poor work and do not care about their customers!

If you have had an alignment and wheel balance at Pep Boys in Dedham, you should go and have it independently checked!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Tire Rotation.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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you have no idea what you are talking about you over medicated skank.Brakes have nothing to do with a poor alignment.I also find it hard to believe a Honda Odyssey had that type of alignment issue.You are just a nag that is never satisfied.And if your husband was any type of man he would have gone down there himself after the second time.5 times is a lie,just as your story is


To AAA, hey buddy sears is no better, they are a total rip joint, i bought 2 tire there and they proceeded to "educate me" on my vehicle, this was wrong and that was wrong, 2 of which they had correct, and 2 items were unnecessary "upsells" at which point I asked the tech if he was ASE certified, he said no, so i showed my ASE Master Certified credentials (they issue a credit card size with all of your current certs, and expiration dates), and asked if was done trying to sell me unnecessary items. Miraculously at that point he was done.

They all pad tickets. The chains have quotas to make to keep the shop profitable, they answer to their share holders, NOT their customers.


Go to a local independent auto repair garage who specializes in selling service rather than tires. Be sure to ask for the before and after alignment values.

Avoid the chains. ALL OF THEM.


Go to SEARS :) :) :)

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