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I had an appointment scheculed for 9am on Thursday the 24th for an oil change. Once I saw them pull my vehicle around to the bay area, my friend and I went onto take care of some errands until until the detail was completed.

11:28, I received a call from (acting manager) Oldem stating they could not remove the drain plug in fearing it would break. So I stated to Oldem not to continue and then I asked Mr. Oldem why did it take so long for him to call me after such long peroid of time to say theycould not do it. I was one of the first customer.

Mr. Oldem stated because they were trying to get tbe drain plug off. I stated to him I would be there shortly. Once I arrivd I received the invoice and I left.

The next day in driving my vehicle, I smelled oil burning. Once I arrived home, shortly afterwards, I looked underneath the vehicle and saw oil on the surface of my garage in which I took pictures.I drove to Pep Boys and spoke with one of the technician and informed him that I had a large amount of oil that leaked out of my vehicle onto the surface of my garage. It was placed on the rack and it was found that out of nowhere, I had received a hair line crack causing oil to leak from my vehicle that was not there prior to me brining it in to Pep Boys, as a fact I have several witnesses that are willing to testify that nothing was wrong with my vehicle prior to me bringing it to"Pep Boys". They were unable to stop the leak and Mr.

Oldem said that I could leave and that he was going to get an estimate for an oil pan and that he would call me back once he get a price. The day went by and I heard nothing else from Mr. Oldem. On the 31st, I spoke with Mr.

Oldem and asked why I did'nt hear back from him. In shortness I stated to him I could'nt believe that's way Pep Boys treat their customers and since the issue occurred with them that they should rectify it. He stated he would speak with his manager Jeff. I did'nt hear anything.

I spoke with the corporate office and made a complaint. I received a refence number and was told that someone would contact me within twenty four to forthy eight hours. I have not heard back from corporate as well. Ooooh, listen to this!!!!

while walking around inside the store, it was stated that they were going to write it up but once I called it in , it would be declined. Wow!!!!

If this is how customers are treated at Pep Boys they should not be in business. Consumer Affairs here I come....

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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