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I went in on 12/24/11 to have my master cylinder replaced and by brake fluid exchanged. When I picked up my car at the end of business day (they closed at 6pm, I was there at 5:27pm) there were multiple new problems with my car. Here is a list of the new problems I am facing:

- Tachometer and Speedometer now goes to highest number available when starting the car

- Odometer back light does not stay lit at 100%. When I turn my vehicle off, it goes back down to the minimum brightness and remains there until I readjust it.

- Dome light no longer turns on manually or when I open the car doors

- Electric locks no longer open the doors with my alarm key fob or by the door controls. The only time the door control will work is when the engine is running.

- Stereo no longer works. It doesn't turn on, the digital clock is not on.

When I told the guy working when I picked it up (Aaron and Omar - both very nice) they said to come in on 12/26 and they would fix it no charge (of course). I went in to speak with the service manager on 12/26/11 - Mike Barron. He stated that the problems I am now having do not have anything to do with the service I went in for and if I want them to look at I can leave my car overnight so they can look at it and give me a quote. I let him know that I should not have to pay for anything and he said that wasn't his problem. I continued to try to talk but he walk away from me.

I went in with a working vehicle and I expect to have a working vehicle when I leave. This has been the very worst experience. I have been a Pep Boys customer since I got my very first car 10+ years ago. I am still trying to figure out what my next steps are regarding this situation....

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I would call the corporate office 1-800-pepboys and voice your concerns so they have it on file before you have it fixed...sounds like something may not have been reconnected or grounded...should be an easy fix, good luck, I would think they would want to fix it for free than deal with an upset customer


The clock doesn't work at all. Its digital and a part of my stereo.

This whole thing has been a nightmare.


They would have to remove some stuff to get to your master cylinder. It sounds like they didn't ground something. I bet your clock is also screwey.

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