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5 months ago I brought my truck to the Pep Boys in Redondo Beach to have the center support bearing replaced. I provided them with the correct part, however when I went to pick up my truck they informed me that the part I gave them to use was not the right one and they had used a part they had in there store.

2 days ago the Center Support bearing they put on failed and shredded, shoving my drive train into my transmission. When I brought my truck back to them and showed them what had happened the manager was very rude and not willing to help. When I finally convinced him to look at my truck he had his mechanic drive it into the garage. The mechanic full well knowing that the drive train was hanging down and the truck wasn't really drive able, got in and sped off around the parking lot screeching tires and all.

Once he got into the garage he couldn't get it on to the lift and backed up to re angle it, crashing my tail gate into a dolly hanging on the wall and breaking my tail light and denting my bumper. When they finally got the truck on the lift and looked at it the manager came over and told me the part obviously needed replacing and that I wouldn't have to pay for a new one because the one I had was out of warranty. I then had an argument with the manager because he refused to fix it, he then got angry and had the mechanic pull my truck out of the garage threw the keys at me and told me to take it somewhere else. I will never be taking my truck there again.

The mechanics that work there are totally unqualified and have no clue what there doing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Installation.

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I hope you told him you were recording him or he can sue you, maybe you should trade in your pos with 300k miles


I took my car to the pb in the bronx for overheating they charged 1500 in two weeks time cause the problem was never fixed and I have the manager on tape saying that my car is fine and now my engine is warpped so I am suing them


Wow man that sounds like a possible law suit to me, they mashed up your truck and kicked you out of the garage like that. You should contact corporate, and then an attorney.

Yea pep boys does rip you off, I just needed my back breaks serviced they wanted to charge me $500 I was like *** please.

I took it to a small shop they hooked me up with new rotors and brake pads for $465 for the whole vehicle. Anyways that is no way to treat a customer, if that happened where I work, employees would be dropping like flies.

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