Lynn, Massachusetts

OMG people stop the compaining!!! They are doing the best they can with the tools provided , not enough trained employees and a high demand for car maintenance.

The place is always crazy busy trying to help various car troubles and maintenance with minimal employees. I mean think about it if 5 people are ahead of you and you came in for an oil change or some type of major mechanical problem this can not possibly be achieved in 30 minutes.

Take a step back and think of the demand , process and how many employees can provide said service in a timely manner. Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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Somerset, New Jersey, United States #903310

People just LOVE to complain.I really think that these people keep going to pep boys just so they can complain about it.These are the people that are are too cheap to go to the dealer and have been kicked out of private shops and asked to never return.Pep boys is the only place that doesn't kick people out and deals with they'r ***.These people walk in and and want they'r car worked on right away no matter how many people are ahead of them or how long they have been waiting.They come in wanting a brake job and have 10 minutes to get it done because they have to be somewhere.They want the mechanic to run along side the car and work on it while they drive and then look at you funny like there's something wrong with you.People want they'r car looked at for free,fixed for next to nothing and expect to use 10 coupons,five of which are expired.They spend ten minutes telling you it's a five minute job that they would do themselves but don't have the time or that they are a professional mechanic but don't own a screwdriver.They take the word of they'r know it all neighbor over yours and can get it done by they'r brother's friend's goldfish for much cheaper.What would they do if Pep boys really did go out of business.

Ephrata, Pennsylvania, United States #900246

Yeah *** that...I went to have an alternator put in and I told them I want the cheapest one because im only going to have the vehicle for about 8 more months, so they gave me the most expensive one as she says it's the only one we have in stock ...Hahaha as im on my phone pulling up the lower priced one they have in stock...*** pep boys

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