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Pep Boys Naperville, IL. Charged me $34.95 to look at my power window which was broke. I already knew it was the power window motor and regulator. I paid the $34.95. They then charged $2.00+ to remove the door panel. What was the $34.95 for?

After waiting over an hour.... They said $335 to repair! Excuse me? I have a brother who lives in New York that repaired the other window in August for $90.00. Part cost. Took him about 30 minutes.

Thank God for GERBER. They seen my car after I left Pep Boys and my $37.00 dollars. $184 dollars parts and labor. No fees to look at, no B.S.

I was out $37.00 dollars but still saved. Now I remember why I don't use Pep Boys Service. And I won't be buying parts there anymore. Advanced Auto Parts is my new place for parts and things. Service, not Pep Boys!

$335! Good luck with your future going out of business sale!

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3Years back had them do a tunup on my 93 econoline ban and there they took an andisclosed amount of cash from the ban that i forgot to take with me. So they just gave me back the ban they said that they couldn't.

Fixe it the ban was worst and i was out of my cash tham bastards stoled

My cash savings dont live any valuables or they will magicaly will disappear.and there i finally. Got this out of my chest.


Probably put in a used/salvage yard part. You get what you pay for.

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