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My 2003 Ford Expendition wasn't running right, dying at the light, so when I got it started, I drove it to Pep Boys, BIG MISTAKE, they want ya to prepay $90 to diagnose the problem. Then told me that the $90 doesn't come off the bill.

It's in addition to what-ever work still needs to be done, at least the dealer's diagnostic cost is $25 & it comes off the bill when the vehicle is fixed. Save Money & time - DO NOT GO THERE, it's cheaper to go directly to the dealer & have it fixed right the first time.

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Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, United States #1067207

I agree, just to my son's honda civic to Pep boys for a hard strat problem- the diagnostics was basically a laundry list of parts totaling $900. They just made a list of everything ignition related (distributor, cap, rotor, plugs, plug wires) and expected us to pay up.

When I asked what specifically was wrong I got transferred around and finally spoke to a fellow who said that distributors go bad "inside" and can leak oil into the cap. I asked if they found any oil and he quickly said this was just an example. What the ***?

Hoping to get a refund on this bogus fee - if they can actually explain what was done I'd be satisfied.

Just seems to me they saw us as an easy mark and loaded up the estimate with parts whether they were causing the problem or not. The guy we spoke to even joked that we might as well replace the air filter.

Poor business and poor customer service.

We will avoid this business and recommend our friends do the same.


We charge $95 for a diagnose. Which also doesn't come off the bill.

Time and equipment costs money.

Would be nice if everyone in the world worked for free..

Lake Forest, California, United States #854833

Big gap in your $25.00 Dealers cost. Two Chevy Dealers in Orange County quoted me $120.00 and it would be applied to the cost of repairs.


Josh from Oregon proof read what you wrote, if you still can't figure it out, your just plain retarded. :grin

Oh, please

They take if off the bill cause all they do is hook up a scanner. Pep boys does that for free.

Full engine diagnostics take time and involve many things including fuel pressure/volume check, ignition, charging system and block testing. That's why dealers don't let you see in the shop....


Mad Keith,

The only reason why I won't call you an imbecile is because you're simply ignorant.

A dealer's $25 diagnostic most likely does not cover engine diagnostics. Those cost a lot of money, probably $110 or so.

I'm sure PepBoys has a $20 diagnostic that looks at the same things the dealership $25 diagnostic does. But engine diagnostics are separate.

Yes, anyone can read the code for free, but what if you go out to the parking lot with your Autozone buddy, he hooks up the scanner, reads the code, and your code says something like EG47? You ask him what that means and he'll be like "I don't *** know, take it to a mechanic." See, the mechanic is usually ASE certified to know what the code means and then to start looking at the parts that the code shows are acting up.

(By the way, AutoZone used to read your code and it was always the oxygen sensor that was faulty,and then they would sell you a new one. They got sued big time for this. Google it).

And like other people said, it could take even the best mechanic a few hours to figure out what small part of your engine is acting up and what exactly needs to be repaired. Why should he spend his and the shop's time looking at your piece of junk for free when he could be doing something more profitable like changing someone's brakes?


Are you a flat rate technician. The men are talented,smart, and educated and alsodo not get paid unless the fee is paid.

That is why it is called flat rate!! Do you want to work for nothing?? The dealer charges even more for diagnostics than aftermarket doesand do not take this off the bill!!getyour facts straight. !!The fee also guarantees the fix!!If it dont fixit , then its free!!Autozone and advance just checkcodes and are not ASE certified to do so.

Its like asking yourneighbor to fix your tilet when he is a electrician and has no knowhow. Good luck to you in the future!!

hows your vehicle running now??? think about it??







Mr. Lang Lolo, Please teabag me and spew a nice big hot load of baby batter across my fruity forehead.


Josh from Oregon your retarded!!!


so when ever you get sick you dont like to pay a doctor to give you a prescription, but you go to the pharmacy and ask the guy that cleans the shelfs and reestocks the candy what kind of magical juice can you drink to feel better, then hope everything will be just fine and 2 days later you end up in the er at a critical stage.

thats why there is professional people that make money from the rest that know nothing in their field, so may be next time go to a real doctor and get a real prescription not a crapyzone sweetern


autozone does not run a diagnostic on your car for one simple reason they dont have techs or mechanics all they do is a code read wich any body that knows how to read can do, its not even legal to change a part in their parking lot, so next time you ask for expresso and get decaf make sure to know the difference.


Pep Boys sucks. Go to AutoZone. They will give you a FREE diagnosis, and ask nothing in return, but it's always nice to repay them by getting your parts there:)

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