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Just reviewed my bill and discovered a Pepguard Limited Extended Labor Warranty charge I didnt approve but was buried in my service order and on reciept. And also attached was the Pep Guard Service Contract for that warranty.

I am a woman, told the counter guy I was on a limited budget and wanted only the discussed servicing so I am more than ticked about the $47.90 charge. Beware women and seniors as for some reason we are naive?

I will dispute the charge tomorrow when I call it in and cancel it. In my opinion it qualifies as theft.

Monetary Loss: $47.

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I got jacked the same way and WILL get it refunded tomorrow!


The same thing happened to me at the Princeton, NJ Pep Boys. How did you resolve it?


I work at pepboys and this charge is included in the original estimate all the time. It is something that the computer system does automatically.

What it is, is a 1 year warranty on the labor. So say 3 months later the part fails due to defect, you don't pay the labor cost again.

Its not a hidden charge at all, when they show you or print the estimate its always listed on the bottom of the parts and labor list, before you see the total. You can decline it to lower the bill, but if we tell you is 120 at the start and that charge is on it, and you say ok just do it, the charged is kept on the bill.


I discovered a similar charge on my paperwork for a purchase that I made yesterday. I had dropped my car off and approved the work over the phone for a certain expense.

When I picked up the car, I paid by credit card and then I received the paperwork.

It was only when I got home that I saw the EXTRA charge for an "extended labor warranty" which was NEVER discussed. I went back to the store to get it removed and I was told by the manager that I need to contact the corporate office via mail to request a refund which will be in the form of a gift card.


U are a ***, that's why u see it as theft. U don't have to know anything about cars to read an estimate and ask what the charges are for.

U shouldn't even be driving a vehicle if u can not do those basic things. Good grief!!!!

to Theft? #1135563

Well I paid for it too. And guess what they don't stand by the warranty.

Had my escalade in the shop 3times with in 3hrs. They replace an alternator. That was making a noise once in awhile but ran. Just fine.after they put a new one in was losing power up and down.

They said I have faulty gauges and cars are supposed to do that. Lol ok . they are a bunch of d*** f***s. Taking it to Cadillac to have fixed.

O yeah and over charge me 50$ for the part. Believe this if they don't make it right believe. Everyone will be hearing about exactly what the did and yeah they are thief's. And I'm not a weak women.

And a women isn't weak because we believe in trust and integrity.

It's just plain sneaky.... Can't stand when people think it's OK to do something and hope they don't get caught..........


It is the consumers responsibility to ask about charges for anything before they are approved. My goodness, it's not like anyone held a gun to your head and took it from u.

I can't stand weak people who do not know how to handle their business then blame it on others. Car repairs are just like anything else you buy. U can deny anything u don't want and u can say no to anything u can not afford.

U can ask them to give u an estimate in writing before repairs are made and u can ask them to show u what is broken or being recommended for replacement/repair. Geez quit blaming technicians and shops because u can't be a grown up.


It happened to me today. I did not sign anything except paid my bill by credit card.

then they handed me the papers. later i discovered the $70 warranty charge.

The warranty says you have 30 days to cancel it. I am cancelling it tomorrow.


Since when is getting hosed by a repair facility a race or class issue? It is flat wrong to bury any extra charges in your repair order regardless of what it is for. Funny how the consumers always get the short shrift when the RF's are the oens doing the wrong thing rather than the right thing.


this same scam just happened to me as well.i will make it right ,believe me u.*** them.

Oh, please

The extended labor warranty covers labor for a full year with no limit on mileage and is given with the quote before proceeding with repair. It has saved customers a lot of money. What you should've done was ask to review the bill on paper before you paid.

to Oh, please #1361912

When you are in their shop at 9:00 when they open and the car is done at 2:30 in the afternoon? And you think the customer is at fault??


Earlier this week I sent to Pepboys to replace tensioner,quoted 300.00, to make a long story short, and the end of my convo before they produced service contract, I asked them to explain to me each line on the contract. He came to to warranty, I told him to take if off and the *** began to argue with me.

They probably get comission on warranty sales. I caught it before I signed but you have to admit, Its a nice way to pad a bill. After arguing for 30 minutes I left and had my auto repaired elsewhere. Total cost, $1.97.

The cost of a bolt. The prey on unsuspecting consumers.


So let me get this straight, because you're too *** to know what your signing and authorizing repairs too, its Pep Boys fault? I bet they quoted you the correct price in just didn't care enough to know what they were even fixing. ***.


good for you , go back and get a refund on your money.. the only one who made out on this deal was pepboys and the mechanic's who work there..when you dont get the extended warranty you only get a 90 day warranty on the work..

so if anything happens after 90 days guess what,, parts might be covered but the biggest cost LABOR is not.. that extended warranty covers your labor for 1 year..


The same thing happened to me and I called and complained. I returned to the store for a refund and asked to speak with the manager regarding the unrequested service contract and he was not available to speak with me.

Later I discovered that he was only a few feet from me and just didn't want to address the issue. I'm assuming that many people lose money by not reading their bills before paying.

I'll read it before I pay next time. The charge for the service contract was never mentioned when the technician went over the bill with me before I paid.

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