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I took my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee to them to get it inspected. They said I needed rotors and brakes for the front and rear, alternator belt, rear axle seal, differential oil change and the grand total would be a whopping $1,200!

I told them do not touch it and they said to me are you sure if you do not pass inspection you will not be allowed to drive around legally and I said to them do not touch it and they were in shock and couldn't believe that I would not let them rip me off. I took my Jeep to a local trustworthy mechanic and he said all I needed was rotors and brakes for the front and not the rear, the rear passed inspection! And the other parts they said I needed I did not need at all and he charged me $280 to fix it! Pep boys wanted to charge me a thousand dollars more for parts that I did not even need!

I am very angry over this and I thought I should warn people from taking their older vehicle to pep boys to get inspected do it at your own risk! Also, they charge a $114 dollars an hour keep that in mind!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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