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To whom it may concern, not only does #pepboys have poor service and inexperienced mechanics but their customer service skills are even worse I have dealt with them before in the past they charged me $68 to figure out what was wrong with my AC in my car they said it was an electrical problem they had my car for two days and could not tell me what exactly the electrical problem was OK so I took my car to another mechanic within 15 minutes of...
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It was not, I've bled the lines in this car before. Either way, I agreed to the replacement because it was $119, and I thought of it as preventive maintenance. A day later they call me and tell me the part they have doesn't work, so it's going to be $200 more . Come to find out, as per the Assistant Service manager, the part worked fine but the manufacturer had left out one mounting hole. Rather than call another store, they ordered one...
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I liked
  • Absolutely nothing
I didn't like
  • Bait and switch
  • Breaking my car
  • Lies
I told them that I had my car for 15 years and I know that headlamps don't need replacing every 6 months. I decided to leave PepBoys and yet had to pay $150 even though my purpose in coming in (lights that work and a state inspection certificate had not been done). I went to a local mechanic recommended by a friend. Without a fee for electrical inspection, he told me that my relay was not defective but missing. He replaced it for $14 with $17...
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Pep Boys Car Part Replacement Review

Spend over $750 to replace 4 tires, took all day, more than 6 hours, call and tell me 2 of the stuns( screws for the tire nut) broke, cost another $100, BTW my car only 2 years old, then my hand brake not working, have to go back next day, I will not go there again. NOT SATISFIED AT ALL