Pep Boys Car Part Installation Reviews

  I waited over an hour to get a battery, air filter and wipers installed.  They didn't give me the price until the work was done.  Then they held my car hostage,  because they wouldn't take my check and told me to take a cab home which cost me 40.00 then I had to come back to resolve the payment issue.  The manager (Gil) if he was a manager,  made no attempt to get my check approved or look into the problem, he just kept telling me my check as...
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I visted the Pep boys at 1025 Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst New York. These people will take advantage of customers. They took me for $197.00 on august 19,2016. For two head lights and it is an american made car which the part was just $14.00 dollar majority was Labor $140.00. This is so ridiculous. According to the employee it was going to take an hour and a half to replace two light bulbs, which would have taken at least 15 minutes to put...
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I made an appointment for purchase and installation of two air filters for my 2007 jaguar. Received confirmation on line #754906168. One of the filters was not available and needed to be special ordered although it was on the confirmation. I agreed to have the one that was on hand installed but the "two mechanics " took one look under the hood and looked dumbfounded. "We don't know how to do this ....better take it to a dealer". These people...
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I didn't like
  • Un-skilled mechanics
  • Being treated with disrespect
  • Inability to perform confirmed service