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I had my daughter go to Pep Boys (went there a few times myself years ago when I lived in Atlanta) to get some evaluation on brakes that were squeaking. In a classic bill padding episode, they wanted to charge over $700 for work that should have been simply resurfacing and cleaning front rotors and rear drums. They claimed "total metal to metal" contact on the rear drums and that this required a total brake fluid replacement (I still can't...
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There is the sound coming from under my feet/ under left side under my car. 2. The car died on me twice while driving ( when traffic light was on red, scary !). ( Before I brought my car today, I went to the same place, Pep boys 2 days ago in the afternoon, since it was busy they told me to comeback in the morning ( it was Jonathan, he is very nice guy), the reason of the visit was the sound, metal popping sound when I turn the car). Today...
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I brought my 2005 Hyundai Elantra with 111879 miles into the Hillside Ave, Jamaica, NY RL#7115368 store site in June 2016 to get steering/suspension work done and an oil change which came to a total of $381.57. At that time, a compliementary inspection was done as well as a steering/suspension evaluation. I returned to this same site on August 2, 2016 to have an NY STATE inspection done. The inspection failed due to safety issues with the front...
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Anonymous Hi, this is almost the sane story of mine. I have 2 incident with Pep Boys but the recent one is crazy.
( the old experience)
1. I spent $1,200 for all my tires to be ch...


Pep Boys Car Diagnostics Review

Took my car in for service inspection now air conditioner does not work
Took our car to pep boys to get diagnosis on engine light coming on. We were told it was oil pressure guage, replaced for $216.22. Next day light came on again. We were then told car needed transmission flush and fluid cost $187.18. Same day, light came back on, we replaced camshaft timing solenoid and serpentine belt. Altogether it cost us $842.10 and light came on again. They told us it must be transmission problem and they dont do...
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