Los Angeles, California

I received a mailing from Pep Boys announcing a new service only location just a few blocks from my house. The lure was a $20.00 oil change after the mail in rebate.

The person taking care of me seemed nice and professional. After the service was completed, he

showed me the battery and said that it was leaking and urgently needed replacement. He quoted a price of $80.00 including installation. That struck me as a little high, and decided to do more research the following day.

I removed the battery the next morning, and took it to Autozone. The man there tested the battery and said the only thing wrong with it was that it needed cleaning.

He said he could sell me a battery if I wanted to waste my money. Some water and baking soda later, my battery is fine, Autozone has a new customer, and Pep Boys has lost one.

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BTW The corrosion you washed off is battery acid. If there is no leak then how did the acid go from inside the battery to the outside.

I hope you realize that although you dislike pepboys, the people who check your car are licensed mechanics and autozone employs highschool dropouts who know nothing about cars. I would get another opinion before you get stuck with your *** battery.


Without looking at the battery personally, you cannot tell who is right or who is wrong to be honest. It is one thing to leak, and another thing to need a cleaning...

Hard thing to confuse don't you think?

Ever occur to you that Autozone may have lied to you KNOWING you would come to them versus Pep Boys? Guess you will find out in a month or two and you open your hood and see it leaking again.

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