Peoria, Arizona
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As a young person with little money to spend fixing my car, and a delivery driver that needs their car to work, I've tried on multiple occasions to use pep boys as a nearby repair place. The first time, they told me that, despite their many POWER tools and such, they couldn't change my oil because they couldn't get the oil pan nut off.

My boyfriend did it the next day, by hand. How this makes sense, i will never know, but this was nothing compared to the next visit i had. My car was overheating, because there was air in the coolant line, and that blew my old bleeder valve off. So, i bought the part, and called pep boys for a quote on a "coolant bleeder valve and the transfer tube thingy" and was greeted with a mere $90 labor price.

Awesome! So the next day i towed my car there, and showed them the part and, "it's going to be $600". Excuse me? I told them what i was quoted and asked to speak to a manager, who took 10 minutes to even come to the counter.

He just told me this is what it is, sorry for the inconvenience. I towed my car elsewhere, and was told $200, which was fine.

I complained on their website and the manager called me to apologize (i am sure it was forced) and then stated "Women can get emotional when they get something wrong, and it's in their nature to not know what car parts they're talking about". So, not only due to their lack of service, but now sexism is on their list of reasons to avoid this place like the plague.

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