Stone Mountain, Georgia

Was at location in conyers Georgia on 1/29/2010 at 12:00pm for oil change service and tire repair and put two wiper blades on that was purchased there. Was promised that vehicle would be ready by time I returned at 1:30pm.

Got back there at 1:15 pm and vehicle had not been touched also took forever to get some one to help me.

Left at that point very mad, I usally get my tires there which I will need within a couple of two months, but never again will I go back. The manager Roger Robinson was the one that wrote me up and promised my vehicle at that time, He was nowhere to be found when I got back.

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I went to Pep boys to get a wire for my truck to be put on so I can hook up my trailer THEY told me I needy a wiring harness for my truck but I went and got the wire and hook it up myself. I think they just did not wanted to do it because it wasn't another money to make doing this job.


Last time I got an oil change there, they took the old oil out, didn't put any oil back in. Yeah, great way to keep a customer. Went to NTB, they took care of me, and ended up buying 4 tires there as well.


they sold me a pair of tires for my lincoln they said i needed because my steering wheel would wooble at low speeds,so i bought them had them installed and it got a bit better but not gone.went to a garage that i had a coupon for from the paper, oil change tire balance and rotation 39.99 so when i was there they showed me on the spin balancer i had a bent front rim thanks for missing it pep boys and i got 2 tires i did not need for another year or more ,streamwood il :x


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