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I recently purchased 4 tires from Pep Boys, which includes a "get one free" rebate. The manager is the one who sold me the tires. He filled out the forms for me and he had me sign. I made copies of all submitted paperwork, and mailed it in before the date required.

Later, I receive a notice in the mail that the purchased tires do not qualify for the mail in rebate. I called today and I was told that I needed to purchase the road hazzard in order to qualify. I purchased everything that I was told that I needed to purchase, including upgrading on the tires, and now they tell me that I did not purchase road hazzard. I'm frustrated, again, because I purchased everything they told me I needed in order to qualify. I'm going back into the store to speak with that manager.

This entire experience with Pep Boys has been a nightmare. They should have just given me the tires free after what I went through: 7 hours to install the tires and balance them; quoted me a price, then attempted to charge me more after completion. I actually had to leave the car there overnight (due to past closing time) for them to place back on my original tires. The next day the manager gave me the original price due to trouble. Now, I'm being told that I do not qualify for the rebate.

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The issue did get resolved. The manager states that the store did not know about the Road Hazzard needing to be purchased at the time.

He reimbursed me out of the store funds, even though the store will not be reimbursed. There were several customers coming in with the same issue. BTW, Jake in response to your comment on 3/18/10. I did ask.

That's the reason why I purchased the upgraded tires, the lifetime balance/rotation. The manager is the one who serviced me that day. The manager completed the rebate forms for me, and directed me as to when to mail in the forms before the deadline.

Believe me, I will accept responsibility for my actions. BTW, I'm glad you received a rebate for your air compressor; hopefully you can put the compressor to good use.


If you ask what the sale includes instead of trying to tell the advisor on what you want might help you get the sale you are looking for. I have some parents in laws that every time I'm with them at a business they try to tell employees what, when, and how to do their job.

I hate that kind of customers. They once have a similar problem at a Pep boys, didn't get their 100.00dll rebate on an air compresor. But it was their fault because on the form, it said to mail a copy of the receipt marking the item being claim for.

and they did not. I also bought the same compresor and about a month later I received my check for 100.00 dlls.


*** people come n thinkin they they know wat they wont but dont, then try to get mad at the employee when they should be mad at they *** mistake


tell your husband the truth that you cant drive around without hitting curbs. because i no for sure ur rims are damaged and because of that the bead on the tire cant seal correctly around the rim.


People- get your story right! If you are not sure of how "rebates" work- then ask!

There are lots of things in life that require "asking" about....

Try it sometime. Man- people take their ignorance out on the wrong people- NOT PEPBOYS FAULT!


I completely empathize.

Only difference for my experience yeterday (after 4 new tires) is that 1 of them was flat this morning and now a 2nd one is flat tonight.

Imagine that frustration !!!!

Husband is back there right now for the 2nd time today. How tough is it to put on 4 new tires these days?


Mr.Boyer, judging by your last response, you are certainly not a wordsmith. However; a wife beater sounds like a fit description for you. Good Luck in life!


John Boyer,

You're an ***. He was not told he needed to get the rebate.


I have been a customer of Pep Boys since1965 and have not one complante.I have been in at least 100 differnt stores.Some people just cant be satisfied no mater what.So Pep Boys i give you a thums up.And for the ones crying go home and let your spouse have it.Smoke one and shut up! :) :p :cry :eek :upset :)

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