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First off since when is work not under warranty? Since when do I have to pay extra for that? What so you can put any cheap *** part on my car and now I have to pay extra if it doesn't work right. I want it fixed right the first time w parts that are known to last.

I just noticed this thankfully i knew this place was bs when they charged me extra work ball joints in particular along with the tie rods. I did it myself w/o the ball joints and the thing is perfect.

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Monetary Loss: $189.

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My local Pep Boys *always* writes up an estimate with their "Extended Warranty" already added in, then "forgets" to tell the customer that all work is guaranteed for 3000 miles or 60 days (whichever comes first): They simply tell them the work is now covered for a year.

One estimate they gave me didn't include a repair I specifically requested - but, did include that "Extended Warranty".

And, it added a labor charge of $104 to remove the valve cover to replace a valve cover gasket when they would have to remove the cover anyway (at a cost of $104) to replace the water pump - essentially, charging my twice to perform the same task!

I don't blame the Service Manager - it's his/her job to write up as much service as possible, that's how they get rated. And, I don't blame the repair person: From what I understand, they get 1/2 the total labor portion of the bill and Pep Boys gets the rest - it's roughly a 25/75% split, with Pep Boys getting the 75%

My advice?

Question every single charge on the estimate, insist that they write down you won't pay more than 110% of the estimated cost, have them save and show you every part that's replaced (for your inspection, and to be sure it was actually replaced), and make sure you use every single discount coupon you can find. Oh, and be sure to cover the inside of your car with plastic - they have a habit of putting greasy hands all over your interior.

Good luck!

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